Friday, May 1, 2009

Pos and Cons of blogs

After reading a few of my fellow classmates blogs I came up with a few pros and cons for blogs in general.

My first pro would be that students are able to compare work, ideas, and help others. A class blog is like a small community. For example when I am not sure how something should look or how to do it I ask my fellow classmates. Its also away that students can ask for help with out being face to face with someone. If a student is too shy to ask for help in class or in person they can always get on the blog and ask someone.

My first con is the fact you can not set up deadlines for blogs. I am really bad at completing my blogs before midnight on Sundays, so I get behind. As a future teacher I do not want to give my students the opportunity to fall behind. I feel that it is my job as a teacher to keep my students ahead of the game.

Another con is that the whole world can see our blogs. As a future teacher I do not want any online creep to be able to look at my student or they blogs. I would feel awful if something were to happen do to my blog assignments.

All in all I think blogs are for 6-12 grade. I do not see a reason for using them any sooner than that. I also feel blocks and limits need to be set to protect our student's well being.

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  1. You can limit access to blogs. Go to Settings and then Permissions. All sorts of controls exist for access.