Friday, May 1, 2009

Mandatory Post for EDM 310

I have learned so much in EDM 310! I am pretty use I will use some things like blogs. However, I will not be using others like Twitter. I learned a lot about blog and I actually enjoyed posting post. I really do plan on using blogs in biology class. However, I want all work to be done it class. I loved google docs, and spread sheets. All of my students will have a gmail account. There is be no reason not have homework, or papers when they come to class. If they can't print or the dog ate it we can just log on and repaint it. I used Picasa years bfore I ever got to this class. So it was not new to me. However, I use to use it all the time, it was my lifeline. I don't use it as much anymore due to the fact I have better software, but Picasa is prefect since it is free! I didn'y really like making podcast. I felt it took up too much time. However if someone else makes one I can use for my students by golly I will. I find postcast very helpful for teachers and students. I believe it and itunes will help my studnts with their "GROWTH MIND SET". Pluse they can use them for free and at home. Haha I love to spy on people with google earth. Thanks Dr. Strange! I love the fact you can actually see your own house. I not too sure how I will use it in my classes but I plan on finding away. I hated Twitter at first now I just dislike it! I think its pointless and boring. I wish I could of got the picture code to work for me so that blind people could click on it. However, I never really got that down. Altogether I feel I came out of EDM 310 with a lot of useful skills and tools I can use in my classroom one day. I am very grateful I learned as much as I did with an opened mind to all things but Twitter.

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