Friday, May 1, 2009

Growth vs Fixed mind set

This podcast was about a workshop for students. The workshop had two different groups. One group focused on study skills, the other focused on growth of the mind and study skills. By the end of the year teachers could pick out which students where in which group just based on grades.

The students with the fixed mind set only focused on how smart they are. They are more concerned what they have and how they will look. The other group believe in a growth mind set. These students believe your brain gets stronger with use. The students in fixed mind set just walked around the world and and don't learn from their mistakes. However, all people need to believe in the growth of skill, and curious to learn.

As a teacher I want all my students to be curious to learn and want to learn. I think workshops about growth mind set will help students learn to "own" their problem and not be ashamed of them. I believe it is very important that the growth mind set is not just fostered at school but at home. I think parents should attend some of these workshops with students. I believe with the help and support from those at home and the school it prepares the world with a better future.

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