Friday, May 1, 2009

EDM 310 Podcasts

After listening to all the four podcast I realized that all of them needed work.
I went in thinking "oh my podcast will be perfect!" yeah right. None of the podcast were as good as they could have been. Each one had something that needed to be worked on. I am not meaning this to sound mean, I am saying this so we all can learn from it.

I noticed when listening to one podcast it seemed like only one person talked the whole time. I know there for a fact there was four people in the group. I think it should have been more like a conversation. I know people are shy, but good golly you have to get over that if you want to be a teacher.

I also noticed with all the groups even my own, sometimes it was like we had nothing to say. I don't think you should wait to see whats going to come next. Groups should plan and prepare for the podcast ahead of time. NO I do not mean just for one day either. Do not put prepare till last minute! It will just make you sound awful.

Finally I think this was a great learning experience. I think it will give future teachers new methods of teaching. It also creates a voice for those who are shy. Podcast are a good way to interact with other and work on social skills.

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