Friday, May 1, 2009

My EDM 310 Blog Assignments are Now complete

Fellow classmates,
This class has been a great learning experience for me. I hope you feel it did that same for you. Keep learning as much as this world has to offer.

Jessica Courville

Mandatory Post for EDM 310

I have learned so much in EDM 310! I am pretty use I will use some things like blogs. However, I will not be using others like Twitter. I learned a lot about blog and I actually enjoyed posting post. I really do plan on using blogs in biology class. However, I want all work to be done it class. I loved google docs, and spread sheets. All of my students will have a gmail account. There is be no reason not have homework, or papers when they come to class. If they can't print or the dog ate it we can just log on and repaint it. I used Picasa years bfore I ever got to this class. So it was not new to me. However, I use to use it all the time, it was my lifeline. I don't use it as much anymore due to the fact I have better software, but Picasa is prefect since it is free! I didn'y really like making podcast. I felt it took up too much time. However if someone else makes one I can use for my students by golly I will. I find postcast very helpful for teachers and students. I believe it and itunes will help my studnts with their "GROWTH MIND SET". Pluse they can use them for free and at home. Haha I love to spy on people with google earth. Thanks Dr. Strange! I love the fact you can actually see your own house. I not too sure how I will use it in my classes but I plan on finding away. I hated Twitter at first now I just dislike it! I think its pointless and boring. I wish I could of got the picture code to work for me so that blind people could click on it. However, I never really got that down. Altogether I feel I came out of EDM 310 with a lot of useful skills and tools I can use in my classroom one day. I am very grateful I learned as much as I did with an opened mind to all things but Twitter.

Teacher Emails

I decided to email Miss Baker. She is a high school biology teacher from Maryland. I found Miss Baker from her class's blog site. When emailing her for the first time she told me to check out Twitter. Isn't that something this was all around the same time we were learning about Twitter in class. Actually she was the one who suggested me to get Twitter. She told me how she uses Twitter with her class, but as a closed group. I really liked that she had it set up as a closed group for the safety of her students. I also asked her about Twibes, however she had only used it once. Her class blog link is under my American schools using blogs blog post, if you would like to check it out.

EDM 310 Podcasts

After listening to all the four podcast I realized that all of them needed work.
I went in thinking "oh my podcast will be perfect!" yeah right. None of the podcast were as good as they could have been. Each one had something that needed to be worked on. I am not meaning this to sound mean, I am saying this so we all can learn from it.

I noticed when listening to one podcast it seemed like only one person talked the whole time. I know there for a fact there was four people in the group. I think it should have been more like a conversation. I know people are shy, but good golly you have to get over that if you want to be a teacher.

I also noticed with all the groups even my own, sometimes it was like we had nothing to say. I don't think you should wait to see whats going to come next. Groups should plan and prepare for the podcast ahead of time. NO I do not mean just for one day either. Do not put prepare till last minute! It will just make you sound awful.

Finally I think this was a great learning experience. I think it will give future teachers new methods of teaching. It also creates a voice for those who are shy. Podcast are a good way to interact with other and work on social skills.

Pos and Cons of blogs

After reading a few of my fellow classmates blogs I came up with a few pros and cons for blogs in general.

My first pro would be that students are able to compare work, ideas, and help others. A class blog is like a small community. For example when I am not sure how something should look or how to do it I ask my fellow classmates. Its also away that students can ask for help with out being face to face with someone. If a student is too shy to ask for help in class or in person they can always get on the blog and ask someone.

My first con is the fact you can not set up deadlines for blogs. I am really bad at completing my blogs before midnight on Sundays, so I get behind. As a future teacher I do not want to give my students the opportunity to fall behind. I feel that it is my job as a teacher to keep my students ahead of the game.

Another con is that the whole world can see our blogs. As a future teacher I do not want any online creep to be able to look at my student or they blogs. I would feel awful if something were to happen do to my blog assignments.

All in all I think blogs are for 6-12 grade. I do not see a reason for using them any sooner than that. I also feel blocks and limits need to be set to protect our student's well being.

Growth vs Fixed mind set

This podcast was about a workshop for students. The workshop had two different groups. One group focused on study skills, the other focused on growth of the mind and study skills. By the end of the year teachers could pick out which students where in which group just based on grades.

The students with the fixed mind set only focused on how smart they are. They are more concerned what they have and how they will look. The other group believe in a growth mind set. These students believe your brain gets stronger with use. The students in fixed mind set just walked around the world and and don't learn from their mistakes. However, all people need to believe in the growth of skill, and curious to learn.

As a teacher I want all my students to be curious to learn and want to learn. I think workshops about growth mind set will help students learn to "own" their problem and not be ashamed of them. I believe it is very important that the growth mind set is not just fostered at school but at home. I think parents should attend some of these workshops with students. I believe with the help and support from those at home and the school it prepares the world with a better future.


I actually enjoyed these podcast. Students can actually learn about real life experiences. All the course work went with required standards. Hands are learning is not pushed away here it encouraged. Learning like this made students seem more positive.

I believe podcast like this one will be very useful to teachers. Teachers will always have something to refer to and go back to, if they need ideas on teaching or helping a student. Podcast like this one may also make teachers more comfortable in the classroom when teaching new ideas. It shows teachers how other teacher try out new lessons or learning material. I look forward to using pocast in my castroom.