Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sir Ken Robinson

I loved Sir Ken Robinson's lecture. He was very open minded, and handled the topic in a wonderful manner. I agreed with much that he said. I really agree with him when he said "if students are not prepared to be wrong they won't be original." If students are always told they are wrong how will ever know anything else.

"Education takes us into the future" and we need to help our future grow in education and creativity. Environment is the key factor for the future. Our environment and our community need to support our student's creativity. If student's are not supported to do what they are good at, then the future won't have very many people good at anything. I also agree with Sir Ken Robinson when he said "education diverts people from their passions." I believe that not everyone is meant to go to college and meant to have a degree. If everyone has a degree the value of a degree and the value of college falls to a lower level.

I really want to go buy his book!

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