Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eassy on Twitter

Twitter twitter twitter, wow I must honestly say I have heard non-stop about Twitter for the last three or four weeks. At first I was thinking to my self what the heck is twitter and why do I need to know about another social update system on the internet? I wasn't going into the assignment with a positive attitude, I could really care less about Twitter. I signed up and tried to get the hang of things. Oh by golly I hated twitter at first I had no clue how to do anything and I really thought it was stupid! However, one evening at home I decide I need to figure Twitter out! So I got on and started fooling around on it. I just started following all kinda of people and realized Twitter was like a status update system. Kind of like the one facebook has. Note to self I LOVE facebook a lot more than Twitter! I also email StacyCBaker. She is a teacher I have been emailing for this class. She told me what she used Twitter for and how. It was very helpful. We talked about the use of twibes a little and what they for used for. I still don't love Twitter but Twitter and I no longer have a hate relationship.

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