Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eassy on Twitter

Twitter twitter twitter, wow I must honestly say I have heard non-stop about Twitter for the last three or four weeks. At first I was thinking to my self what the heck is twitter and why do I need to know about another social update system on the internet? I wasn't going into the assignment with a positive attitude, I could really care less about Twitter. I signed up and tried to get the hang of things. Oh by golly I hated twitter at first I had no clue how to do anything and I really thought it was stupid! However, one evening at home I decide I need to figure Twitter out! So I got on and started fooling around on it. I just started following all kinda of people and realized Twitter was like a status update system. Kind of like the one facebook has. Note to self I LOVE facebook a lot more than Twitter! I also email StacyCBaker. She is a teacher I have been emailing for this class. She told me what she used Twitter for and how. It was very helpful. We talked about the use of twibes a little and what they for used for. I still don't love Twitter but Twitter and I no longer have a hate relationship.

iTunes University

With itunes U learning is no longer just takes place in a classroom. Students are able to access information wherever and at anytime. Students can now learn and study at their own pace.

Itunes U can be used on most computers and most mobile phones. Teachers can customize material and lessons for students to listen to. Itunes U is a collection of free educational media. Itunes U is available to anyone and everyone. Teachers can set up passwords and user names so only students in that class may use the notes or lessons.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sir Ken Robinson

I loved Sir Ken Robinson's lecture. He was very open minded, and handled the topic in a wonderful manner. I agreed with much that he said. I really agree with him when he said "if students are not prepared to be wrong they won't be original." If students are always told they are wrong how will ever know anything else.

"Education takes us into the future" and we need to help our future grow in education and creativity. Environment is the key factor for the future. Our environment and our community need to support our student's creativity. If student's are not supported to do what they are good at, then the future won't have very many people good at anything. I also agree with Sir Ken Robinson when he said "education diverts people from their passions." I believe that not everyone is meant to go to college and meant to have a degree. If everyone has a degree the value of a degree and the value of college falls to a lower level.

I really want to go buy his book!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I think i pods can and will be used in instruction. Pod cast are very helpful for students and teachers. Podcast can be on any topic."i Tunes University," a nationwide service that makes lectures and other materials available online (see story: are becoming study aids for students. It allows students to fast-forward to a part of a
lecture they be confused about. I pods would also be useful when high school students need to learn or look up the topics such as: mathematics, science, reading, foreign language, and history.

Also teachers are using i Pods to enhance professional training in mathematics, science, and English. Even ESL teachers are using i Pods, to relax children. Teachers could also use i Pods for goings back to school.

Dr. Christie

I found Dr. Christie's website very interesting. I really enjoyed reading about all she has accomplished. I thought the Web Quest was an interesting idea. I also think it would fun for students. Chick here for examples!

A Web Quest is developed curricular lesson that actively engages learners. I think high school student would enjoy working on and learning lessons this way. Students are able to do tasks, use the Internet and print resources, provide help for completing the tasks, rubrics,and students are able to share opinions with one another. I like the fact there is a rubric. This way the student will know what is required and when it is do. I also like the fact my students would be able to communicate with one another, in case one of them was confused or had a question.


I do not feel Wikipedia can be a trusted source of information. Anyone can pretty much log on and add their own information. The information entered could either be wrong or right, to sway people's opinions. As a future teacher I want my student to be able to look information based on truth, and it being correct. Also as a teacher I will not let my student's use Wikipedia as a source; there are plenty of other sources online that are truthful and correct. I really don't ever see Wikipedia being a trusted source, unless a lot of changes are made to who can access and alter information. However, other future teachers should explore Wikipedia on there own to make their own opinion.