Monday, February 23, 2009

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

This was not the first time I have seem this video. I saw it on Tyra Banks show once. I remember crying; not because he was dying but because he was in such high spirits and how he could make others laugh. He caught my eye and keep my interests though out the whole lecture. I believe every teacher should try to do this and open the eyes of students.

The whole part of the lectures on brick wall was amazing. I believe every one faces these brick walls. I believe these brick wall make people put all they got into everything. I want all my student to experience that feelings. I also think it brings out people's character. It stops the people who don't want it bad enough. Like Pausch said "have something to bring ti the table people like that more". I believe that's a great quote to motivate students.

I also liked what Mr. Pausch said about Fundamentals. "Fundamentals people must get them down or the fancy stuff wont work" this is a quote to live by. A student can't do the short cuts if they don't understand the basics. I believe that with all my heart. For example students must understand how to calculate percentages the long way before handing one a cell phone with the calculating app. What if a student doesn't have a cell phone or all the little tricks?, at least if he or she knows the fundamentals he or she will always know how to do the problem.

I also really liked when Randy talked about when people criticize others. "when you screw up and no buddy says anything, that is a bad place to be." I want to be that teacher pushes my student till they over or accomplish their goal. I want them to understand how important it is for their selves to have someone excepting them to do good or better than what they are capable of. If I don't say anything to my students it would prove I didn't care about them or my job. So why teach then? I never want to feel that way.

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