Sunday, February 8, 2009


The first podcast I listened to was SmartBoard Lessons Podcast. SmartBoard Lessons Podcast was all about whiteboards and how they can be used for education. It also provides lesson plans. All of the information provided by SmartBoard Lessons Podcast can be very useful to many educators. The podcast also talked about how technology can impact education. SmartBoard Lessons Podcast is hosted by Ben Hazzara and Joan Badger. It is available at itunes for download.

The next podcasted I listened to was KidCast. I really liked KidCast. It was more geared to the student, and educators helping the student with podcasting. The goal of KidCast is teach and having students learn with podcasting. It teaches students how to make and publish their own podcast. KidCast is a kid safe podcast, what student hear is very important to this group of people who run KidCast. They want parents and students to be safe and comfortable when listening to the podcast.

EdTechtalk is a podcast mainly for educators. Educators are able to learn and discuss on the topic of educational technology. It is a way for educators to find and teach new skills and methods to students. The host of this podcast share news, articles, links, multi media, and other resources via webcast. The webcast are than saved as a podcast.

I did not really care for MacBreak Weekly as much. MacBreak Weekly is a podcast set up for new and views from journalist covering Apple and Apple products. Each podcast covers what has happen in one weeks time about apple. MacBreak Weekly is hosted by a group of four or five men. The Host discuss software and technology that they believe is useful.

To sum it all up I believe podcast are very useful, some more than others. Most of them one can download free at itunes. Podcast groups are like a community for educators to share and gain new information. I see podcast as a useful tool to any educators career.

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