Sunday, February 15, 2009

Podcasts from fall 2008 EMD 310 classes

The first podcast I listened to was Can You Tube Be Used as an Educational Purpose 11-20-08. It was very hard to follow this podcast. I believe when doing a podcast you should outline what one is going to talk about. I think when making a podcast one would want it to flow. Maybe have a set order in which one is going to talking about. I believe when making a podcast you want to sound professional. I think one should avoid saying "ummm, like, ummm, yeah."

The second podcast I listened to was Face book as an Educational Tool 10-23-08. I really enjoyed this podcast. It flowed much better and was outlined. I also liked the fact the students interacted and it seemed natural. I think preparing, researching and practicing for a podcast should be a must. I sounds much more professional. The only thing I would of done different would of been making sure everyone had equal time when talking. I also would want to wait for my classmate to finish talking before adding my input. Cutting people off or taking over their topic is rude. Other than that I would use this podcast as a guide to making my own.

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