Sunday, February 1, 2009

International Schools using blogs

Kilmarnock Scotland, local schools have set up a Chinese summer school for one week. The school has set up a website called PiE Chinese Summer School. This interactive website enables students to learn the basics of Chinese language and the Chinese culture. Resources and exercises are put on this blog for the students. Including games, test, podcast, Audio, videos, and much more to help students.Parents and teachers are able to follow the progress of the students as they take this course. This blog site is linked/ organized by the Partners in Excellence, a project in the west of Scotland.

The second international school was a secondary Church School in Malta. The school teamed up with a maths teacher in Poland to make the subject relevant to the everyday life of students. The blog they used was to post students' project on symmetry.Students used camera and took pictures of everyday objects showing symmetry. The blog is from blogger also, so it is very simple to use. Other math teachers even post blogs replying to ideas, and lessons. View it at Mathematics in Everyday Life.

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