Saturday, February 7, 2009


I was very interested with Karl Fisch blog. I do not agree with every thing he thinks/says in this blog but there are a few things, I do agree with. It is very important in today's world to have the capability of technology. I agree that it will be harder as years come for people to get jobs and remain in the same jobs if they do not know how to use technology. I think there should be a level or sense of technology that everyone is capable of learning.

I disagree with the approaches Mr. Fisch uses. Foe example "People who do not meet the criterion of #1 should be embarrassed" that is rude and anyone with some kind of morals would see that. Embarrassing others I believe would make people less motivated to learn about technology. At least I would be less motivated! I do not think the ONLY way to teaching is that in the way of technology. Some teachers are perfectly capable with the old way of teaching; they make the subject just as fun. Technology does not make a good teacher! A good teacher can use technology or not and still be able to benefit their student, with their teaching methods.

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