Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fischbowl: Why Wireless?

I decided to read the blog for November 2, 2007 "Why Wireless?". I really enjoyed reading this blog. Fisch made some very good solid point for why Arapahoe High School wanted to go wireless. I have to agree with him. What parent, or teacher wouldn't want their child or student to be able to access their grades? There would no excuse when report cards came in, grade could be tracked after a major test or at anytime. Student and Parents could go to a website and find the homework assignment for the next day or the day the student was sick. The idea of going wireless seems wonderful; I wish I would of been able to access note and homework via internet when I was in elementary school.

I loved the quotes Fisch quoted! The quotes backed up the very reason why the school was pushing for wireless. My favorite quote was that of Will Richardson "We are moving from:“do your own work” to “work with others” “just in case” to “just in time” learning “hand it in” to “publish it.”. The world is at a fast run and we can not let our students walk behind. I think having wireless opens the door for endless possibilities.

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