Monday, February 23, 2009

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

This was not the first time I have seem this video. I saw it on Tyra Banks show once. I remember crying; not because he was dying but because he was in such high spirits and how he could make others laugh. He caught my eye and keep my interests though out the whole lecture. I believe every teacher should try to do this and open the eyes of students.

The whole part of the lectures on brick wall was amazing. I believe every one faces these brick walls. I believe these brick wall make people put all they got into everything. I want all my student to experience that feelings. I also think it brings out people's character. It stops the people who don't want it bad enough. Like Pausch said "have something to bring ti the table people like that more". I believe that's a great quote to motivate students.

I also liked what Mr. Pausch said about Fundamentals. "Fundamentals people must get them down or the fancy stuff wont work" this is a quote to live by. A student can't do the short cuts if they don't understand the basics. I believe that with all my heart. For example students must understand how to calculate percentages the long way before handing one a cell phone with the calculating app. What if a student doesn't have a cell phone or all the little tricks?, at least if he or she knows the fundamentals he or she will always know how to do the problem.

I also really liked when Randy talked about when people criticize others. "when you screw up and no buddy says anything, that is a bad place to be." I want to be that teacher pushes my student till they over or accomplish their goal. I want them to understand how important it is for their selves to have someone excepting them to do good or better than what they are capable of. If I don't say anything to my students it would prove I didn't care about them or my job. So why teach then? I never want to feel that way.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fischbowl: Why Wireless?

I decided to read the blog for November 2, 2007 "Why Wireless?". I really enjoyed reading this blog. Fisch made some very good solid point for why Arapahoe High School wanted to go wireless. I have to agree with him. What parent, or teacher wouldn't want their child or student to be able to access their grades? There would no excuse when report cards came in, grade could be tracked after a major test or at anytime. Student and Parents could go to a website and find the homework assignment for the next day or the day the student was sick. The idea of going wireless seems wonderful; I wish I would of been able to access note and homework via internet when I was in elementary school.

I loved the quotes Fisch quoted! The quotes backed up the very reason why the school was pushing for wireless. My favorite quote was that of Will Richardson "We are moving from:“do your own work” to “work with others” “just in case” to “just in time” learning “hand it in” to “publish it.”. The world is at a fast run and we can not let our students walk behind. I think having wireless opens the door for endless possibilities.

Podcasts from fall 2008 EMD 310 classes

The first podcast I listened to was Can You Tube Be Used as an Educational Purpose 11-20-08. It was very hard to follow this podcast. I believe when doing a podcast you should outline what one is going to talk about. I think when making a podcast one would want it to flow. Maybe have a set order in which one is going to talking about. I believe when making a podcast you want to sound professional. I think one should avoid saying "ummm, like, ummm, yeah."

The second podcast I listened to was Face book as an Educational Tool 10-23-08. I really enjoyed this podcast. It flowed much better and was outlined. I also liked the fact the students interacted and it seemed natural. I think preparing, researching and practicing for a podcast should be a must. I sounds much more professional. The only thing I would of done different would of been making sure everyone had equal time when talking. I also would want to wait for my classmate to finish talking before adding my input. Cutting people off or taking over their topic is rude. Other than that I would use this podcast as a guide to making my own.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


The first podcast I listened to was SmartBoard Lessons Podcast. SmartBoard Lessons Podcast was all about whiteboards and how they can be used for education. It also provides lesson plans. All of the information provided by SmartBoard Lessons Podcast can be very useful to many educators. The podcast also talked about how technology can impact education. SmartBoard Lessons Podcast is hosted by Ben Hazzara and Joan Badger. It is available at itunes for download.

The next podcasted I listened to was KidCast. I really liked KidCast. It was more geared to the student, and educators helping the student with podcasting. The goal of KidCast is teach and having students learn with podcasting. It teaches students how to make and publish their own podcast. KidCast is a kid safe podcast, what student hear is very important to this group of people who run KidCast. They want parents and students to be safe and comfortable when listening to the podcast.

EdTechtalk is a podcast mainly for educators. Educators are able to learn and discuss on the topic of educational technology. It is a way for educators to find and teach new skills and methods to students. The host of this podcast share news, articles, links, multi media, and other resources via webcast. The webcast are than saved as a podcast.

I did not really care for MacBreak Weekly as much. MacBreak Weekly is a podcast set up for new and views from journalist covering Apple and Apple products. Each podcast covers what has happen in one weeks time about apple. MacBreak Weekly is hosted by a group of four or five men. The Host discuss software and technology that they believe is useful.

To sum it all up I believe podcast are very useful, some more than others. Most of them one can download free at itunes. Podcast groups are like a community for educators to share and gain new information. I see podcast as a useful tool to any educators career.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I was very interested with Karl Fisch blog. I do not agree with every thing he thinks/says in this blog but there are a few things, I do agree with. It is very important in today's world to have the capability of technology. I agree that it will be harder as years come for people to get jobs and remain in the same jobs if they do not know how to use technology. I think there should be a level or sense of technology that everyone is capable of learning.

I disagree with the approaches Mr. Fisch uses. Foe example "People who do not meet the criterion of #1 should be embarrassed" that is rude and anyone with some kind of morals would see that. Embarrassing others I believe would make people less motivated to learn about technology. At least I would be less motivated! I do not think the ONLY way to teaching is that in the way of technology. Some teachers are perfectly capable with the old way of teaching; they make the subject just as fun. Technology does not make a good teacher! A good teacher can use technology or not and still be able to benefit their student, with their teaching methods.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

International Schools using blogs

Kilmarnock Scotland, local schools have set up a Chinese summer school for one week. The school has set up a website called PiE Chinese Summer School. This interactive website enables students to learn the basics of Chinese language and the Chinese culture. Resources and exercises are put on this blog for the students. Including games, test, podcast, Audio, videos, and much more to help students.Parents and teachers are able to follow the progress of the students as they take this course. This blog site is linked/ organized by the Partners in Excellence, a project in the west of Scotland.

The second international school was a secondary Church School in Malta. The school teamed up with a maths teacher in Poland to make the subject relevant to the everyday life of students. The blog they used was to post students' project on symmetry.Students used camera and took pictures of everyday objects showing symmetry. The blog is from blogger also, so it is very simple to use. Other math teachers even post blogs replying to ideas, and lessons. View it at Mathematics in Everyday Life.