Saturday, January 31, 2009

United States K-12 schools using blogs

The first school blog I found was for an AP Biology class at Appleton East High School in Appleton, WI. Mrs.Hoffman the instructor of the class, wants her students to become adapted to online learning and discussion. Students in her class will be posting articles, research, photos, videos, and communicating with guest bloggers. Her blog is pretty user friendly. Each topic is labeled and links to post, reading, actives, and more are listed under each. Her blog site even lets outsiders like you and me reply to blogs and students post. Visit this blog.

The second blog site I went to was for Miss Baker’s current biology students and others that were interested in biology. This blog site is unbelievable. It has links to online blog sites for help, text book, classwork, quizzes, articles and much more. The blog site is filled with videos, and pictures from actives, trips, and students. It is very friendly for high school aged student. It even has a map that show the locations for viewer of this blog. Visit this blog.

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