Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alex (Alabama Learning Exchange)

Alex (Alabama Learning Exchange) is a pretty simple tool for teachers, parents, and students to access. To access this teaching tool one will need to go to the following link: Alex is a program designed to index and share educational materials, for teachers, parents, and students. Alex is a way for teachers to share and write lesson plans,share and find resources, connected to course study standards, and bring students the benefit of learning. Once one has come to the home page there is eight links to choose from. The first is Courses of Study; here is where one can choose the subject and grade level of which one teaches or child belongs to. After choosing the grade level and subject the link will bring up a page of course study standards. The standards describe what a teacher should be teaching or the concepts a student should be learning. Also here is a link under every standard, which can bring one to lesion plans. The next link on the home page is Web links. Web links provide links for teachers, parents, and student. The links in web links correlate to the content standards. The link called Lesson Plans on the home page links to a page where teacher can write, find, or search for lessons plans bases on subject and grade level. Search is the next link on the home page. It is here where one can look for lesson plans, Activities, links, and standards. Search is a search engine, and database. The fifth link on the home page is Professional workshop, this where teachers can set up a workspace for storing and submitting lesson plans. The professional learning link lets teachers, parents, or students search for news, professional opportunities, learning tools and references. The links on this page are to enhance teachers professional growth and opportunities. The next to last link on the home page is distance learning. The distance learning link allows students the opportunities to access courses statewide, that they may not normally get the chance to experience. The final link on the home page is the help link. This link can help you if you are unsure about something or have any unanswered questions about Alex.

I believe Alex is a very useful tool! Teacher and students will benefit from it the most. As a future teacher I think I would use Alex to help me find lesson plans for a topic I maybe having trouble with. I also think it is very handy; the web link is amazing. I believe web link could help me find projects, activities, or new way to reach my students. I also would use distance learning. It offers opportunities for myself and my future students, if we are not able to access courses at our school. The only thing I think I would have to be careful of when using Alex is to remember just because a lesson plan or project work for one school, teacher, or student does not mean it will work for me or my students. But it never hurts to try new things.

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